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Booking flights is simple, your destination is Minangkabau International Airport (Padang Airport). Flights into Padang airport are a one hour flight from Kuala Lumpur airport, you can also fly in from other major destinations. Upon arrival at Padang Airport our ground crew will be waiting to meet you


The Mentawai fast ferry departs Saturday morning at 7am and we will arrange your tickets in advance. You will need to arrive the day prior and spend a night in Padang, but rest assured – everything will be sorted for you. The ferry will arrive in Siberut port and our tender will be waiting for you. Upon arrival you can be surfing within the hour!


The fast ferry arrives back to Padang at 7pm on the final scheduled day of your trip. (Eg. Trip 2nd – 12th will arrive back at 7pm on the 12th). Allow 1 -2 hours to get to the airport from the ferry terminal.


A 14 Day Travel Visa is issued at the airport on arrival for US$50, They only accpet cash at the airport .

Yes, there are multiple power sockets on board all with an Australian standard input. A universal adapter is required for international plugs outside of Australia. Easy to find at the airport on route.

Full comprehensive travel insurance with medical evacuation is required prior to joining the vessel. This gives you and the crew peace of mind to know you are covered in the event of an incident in the remote islands. We can recommend some travel insurance companies we use.

Yes, there is small amounts of reception in some parts of the islands. Some people like to get an Indonesian sim card in Padang.

It is a matter of personal choice whether to take anti-malarial medication, there are a few contraindications. We recommend long sleeves and mosquito repellant and to consult with your doctor about Malaria and other vaccinations prior to your trip.

There are some towns in the islands offering basic amenities, however, we do not run scheduled stops and the region is very remote. We recommend that you bring with you anything that you require for the trip. Padang is a good option for last minute supplies shopping, but keep in mind they’re rang is limited.

Tropical Wax
Sunscreen, Zinc, Hat, Rashshirt, Sunglasses
Board Equipment & Hardware if desired ( 2- 3 Boards if surfing)
Light Rain Jacket
Mosquito Repellant
Ear Plugs & Aqua Ear
Motion Sickness Remedy
Books, cards, preferred games

Passport (with 6 months validity) Hydralite/ Electrolyte drink tablets Personal Toiletries

Any Specific Medications

Small Personal First Aid Kid: Antiseptic, band aids, hydrogen peroxide, strapping tape, wound dressings, Anit-Inflamatory, Panadol etc

Extra cash for souvenirs/ markets/ village exploration
Emergency Credit Card

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