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The Superior Choice to explore the Mentawais

Led by a team of Qualified Maritime Superyacht Professionals and Chartering Experts with decades of industry experience and local Mentawai knowledge. Chartering with us is a unique experience, with every trip different and tailored specifically to you. 

We are dedicated to making your charter a unique experience. 

“It’s incredible how many times we have scored unbelievable waves with not a soul in sight, only for the other boats to turn up a day late.”

Surfer / Photographer

“Pristine, uncrowded waters and the knowledge to navigate us to the most perfect left handers I could imagine”

Surfer / Model

“The Mentawai Islands, to have the opportunity to surf there means a lot to us. The highlight of our trip was to be able to score good HT rights!”

Pro Surfer

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