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Trent Woodleigh

Manager/ Captain/ Engineer

Over 20 years experience in the maritime industry as a Captain and Engineer, Trent has operated vessels of all descriptions from fishing vessels, superyachts, maxi yachts, catamarans, sailing monohulls, motor yachts. In addition to 7 years operating surf and adventure charters throughout the Mentawais and extensively North and South of Indonesia. 

Beyond his wealth of experience, his why for having dedicated half his life to the marine industry is his deep love for the ocean, he has an unfathomably keen interest in meteorology, astrology, reef and wildlife preservation, navigation and making a difference in peoples lives in sharing it. He is the ultimate surfer at heart who is up for any surf and any conditions – always for expansion and pushing his limits.

Ed Powys

Manager/ Operations

Dedicating his life to a career in professional sailing and racing, Ed has spent his life travelling the globe, sailing the worlds elite cutting-edge vessels, in the worlds highest ranking yacht races including the Americas cup, Sydney to Hobart, and the high speed foiling yachts. With a high level of knowledge, experience and understanding of sailing and optimal vessel and human performance – Ed has masterfully designed ‘Discover’ to meet his standard of global circumnavigation and the yachts ability to optimise the natural elements.

High energy, quick thinking and intense ability to adapt instinctively to the prevailing conditions and circumstances all fuelled by his search for hidden surf spots. 

Nic Hely

Interior/ Nutrition/ Pilates & Yoga

A Superyacht Chief Stewardess for over six years, Nic has you covered in all areas from running the interior to driving the tender. With a love of the ocean and what she does in addition to being a Health and Nutrition Coach, Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Surfer and Free diver, lover of spicy food and adventure.

Having operated charters in the Mentawais for over six years, a solid knowledge of the region and a place that she calls home. To provide the opportunity to share an experience with people from all over the world in the Mentawais, means the world to Nic.