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Trent Woodleigh


I was introduced to surfing as a young fifteen-year-old boy along the south coast beaches of Sydney and like every surfer once I had a taste… I was hooked. I was hungry to surf the best breaks in the world and become the best surfer I could be, for the following twenty plus years I pursued this mission relentlessly. My journey exposed a deep love for the ocean and I thrived at being a lifeguard, a surf coach, and then the past fifteen years a vessel master and engineer.

One place in particular hooked me: once, twice, up to five times a year and then more – the sheer perfection of waves it offered in constant abundance, the freedom to surf and sail in solitude, and the beauty of the pristine tropical environment, freediving and spearfishing, the food and the simple happiness of the native communities. It was the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra that had me dreaming of wave perfection.

Inevitably, combining my knowledge of the region, as a surfer and a maritime professional was a match made.The vision was to share the magic of the Mentawai Islands with the rest of the world. I am grateful to share my love for the ocean, the knowledge I have acquired, the experiences that shaped me and the sheer love of taking people on an adventure in Indonesia. As a team our professional crew, take immense pride in navigating to some of the best surf breaks in the world and create a life enhancing experience by making it accessible to everyone to charter the Islands.

Ed Powys


As kids we were constantly travelling, following my Dad around the globe and always feiling at home on the move. My Dad is an Aussie and my Mum from the UK, I grew up predominantly in the UK and learned to surf as a kid in the waters of Cornwall. I was instantly obsessed! The travel increased as I transitioned into a career in professional sailing/ racing, which has led me far and wide for more than a decade. During that time I have been fortunate enough to sail on some of the most cutting edge and exciting boats, as well as compete in some of the most intense racing. The America’s Cup and Sydney to Hobart rank highly in my career experiences, and the foiling boats of the last few years have completely changed the sport, which I have been fortunate to have been in the thick of. Much like surfing, the constantly changing environment is what makes it so challenging and interesting – you really have to think fast, with a clear head. Even with all my sailing travel, it never diminished my urge to take off at a moments notice to score waves from anywhere. Nothing is too much effort and I am never happier than when away searching for waves……all day! I definitely get stir crazy when I’m in one place for too long. Pretty early on it was a plan of mine to one day combine my two passions – surfing and sailing – and to explore and share the experience.